Lemons and HCG Diet

Lemons – Get the Secret!

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We love good, natural things and the good ol’e lemon is one of them and what’s really great is that most of us Kiwis have a lemon tree in our own back yard or have a friendly neighbour who has one. If they are not that friendly leap over the fence at night and grab a few – they won’t miss them!

Why do we recommend using lemons on Graeme Jordan HCG Diet? ‘The whole fruit and nothing but the fruit’ as the awesome Kiwi juice company Charlie’s quote – they help to cleanse your body inside and out. Having a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice daily not only promotes a healthy digestive system it really helps if you suffer from aches and pains especially arthritis. You can even add a pinch of natural Himalayan Salt which is loaded with extra nutrients. Lemons are high in sodium which is essential for the elimination of waste from the body cleansing the lymphatic system and assisting with the prevention of hardened arteries.  A great source of phosphorus as well which helps with the function of the nervous system. All phosphorus foods help repair the brain, improve your memory and promote your creative side! Lemons applied to the skin act as a natural antiseptic and help keep the skin slightly acidic but did you know when you take lemons internally they alkalize the body keeping it slightly alkaline on the inside! They are high in vitamin c which is a great antioxidant protecting cells from any damage caused by free radicals. Great for those lines and wrinkles as the vitamin c plays a major role in the formation of collagen in the skin.

SECRET TIP: By washing a lemon and freezing it you can use the whole lemon.  Grate it on top of any meals everyday so you consume all of the healthy nutrients from this amazing fruit, your meals not only taste great and you get to live a longer and healthier life. So grab your lemons, give them a good wash, freeze them and grate them and start getting these amazing health benefits today. You know your whole body will love you for it!!!!!

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