Graeme Jordan HCG Diet Success Story

Hi my name is Graeme Jordan and this is my HCG Diet Success Story. I have been in business for over 20 years. I have a wonderful wife Dee and 3 beautiful children. I am the co-founder of a distribution company with offices in New Zealand and Australia.  My Journey Probably Started Out Just Like Yours…

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After years of researching ways of losing weight I discovered the health industry is full of Myths and Legends and the odd truth.


WRONG! The truth we all know is no matter how much weight people lose they gain back a similar percentage of that weight over the next year – this is what happened to me after years of trying every diet around. After more time I found research from Dr Jeroen Barte that rang true. Dr Jeroen Barte is a researcher at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands who found out people who lost weight faster had better long-term results than those who lost weight slowly. Most people still think reaching their goal weight is completely out of their reach! That could not be further from the truth!

Fast weight loss has better long term results, especially when combined with an eating plan that teaches better eating habits and what I found worked is a system which resets your hypothalamus gland for life.

Finally I decided it was time to do something about my health. I was sitting out on the deck one morning with the sun coming up over my right shoulder, warming my back. I was thinking how different my life was late last year. I had been through a couple of years of health issues not major but still very annoying and at times worrying. Pain in my stomach at times crippling but which would come and go just as quickly.

Doctors, tests, Specialists, there were no real answers or solutions. I woke up one morning sick of not feeling good and sick of being overweight. I knew I had to shed some pounds but up till that time nothing I had done had been successful long term. I knew from my own experience that sure you can lose weight all sorts of ways but if you don’t fix the underlying physical condition which is resetting the hypothalamus gland then the weight just comes back on.

I started out with a program of taking only totally pure, potent, premium and natural homeopathic drops HCG Natural Weightloss and followed a careful eating plan that develops wise diet choices. 38 days later I had lost 17.4 kg. I lost 3kg in the first 2 days that was exciting. Within a week I started to notice that a lot of the aches and pains I had were disappearing and by the time I had finished the program all the stomach problems I was experiencing daily, weekly had disappeared and I have not had any problems since.

There are far more issues in being overweight than just the excess weight, I would just like to encourage you to get started on this program I know it works and it will work for you, and you are going to feel so good, not just from losing the weight but a lot of your health issues are also going to disappear also.

One of my secrets is what you will achieve by doing my program that is you will have reset your Hypothalamus Gland inside your brain for good.

The key to getting the hypothalamus to use the bad fat is:

•    Using our all-natural authentic homeopathic drops
•    With or Without exercise
•    Lose at LEAST 7 kilograms in 20 days, safely and naturally
•    The bad fat (belly, hips, thighs, double-chin, under-arm, cellulite!)  is burned up
•    The ONLY weight loss program that breaks down fat cells and flushes them out!
•    Stabilises blood-sugars within 3 weeks
•    Energy levels go through the roof!
•    No hunger pangs because you’re using you’re stored energy source
•    You develop a positive attitude toward life in general

With my unique affirmation you KNOW you’re going to look and feel great because you’ll be in the PROCESS of ATTRACTING a SLIM, TONED, POWERFUL, HEALTHY YOU!

•    Are you ready to join me and unlock the vault and change your life!

Graeme Jordan HCG Diet has helped my family and friends and countless others to get the body of their dreams.  As I am passionate about helping people achieve their weight loss dreams I will share with you all my health secrets which I have discovered after years of research and these will help you on your weight loss journey as they helped me.

I lost 17.4 kilos which is 38 pounds of bad fat in 38 days and changed my life forever, I know you can do it too.

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