Graeme Jordan HCG Diet is Doctor Approved

Graeme Jordan HCG Diet is Doctor Approved by Dr Monica Lewis MB ChB

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Introducing Dr.Monica Lewis MB ChB…   We are passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss goal and have done extensive research to bring you  – ‘Graeme Jordan HCG Diet’ which is based around eating clean, fresh New Zealand foods. As part of our on-going quest for excellence in making sure our program is all natural we have been fortunate to have the support of …. Dr Monica Lewis MB ChB.   Dr Monica Lewis is well known for her holistic approach helping the whole person’s well-being and treating and preventing chronic and hormonal issues. She has helped many people get back to living a full,healthy and vibrant life again. She continues helping people especially hormonal women where she has a wealth of experience. She has co-authored a series of books with her Cardiologist husband, Dr Gerald Lewis which are great informative reads:   CANCER – A Threat To Your Life? -or- A Chance to Take Control of Your Future?   DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS -Creating Expensive Urine? -or- A Key Addition to Modern Medicine?   YOUR HEART – An Owner’s Manual   Dr Monica Lewis with her medical and scientific background has reviewed our programs and sees they fit into the most important first steps in getting your body back into balance. She has these points to share:   “First, I see  what Graeme has put together based around sound research as a treatment to deal with a specific serious and chronic recurring health problem of the modern world. How to lose the unsightly dangerous fat typically around the middle of the body, when dieting is known not to work here. To raise the metabolism and to reduce this unsightly fat permanently in a short space of time is so motivating that people find they can easily adhere to the program for the few weeks required. The white and deadly foods in so many diets are not there, along with gluten and flour nor are other foods that spike the blood sugar. Dangerous fats are also excluded. Instead a wholesome diet of small amounts of lean proteins, a huge volume of vegetables and salads, as well as low glycaemic fruits, make this a very balanced short term successful program which I highly recommend. Graeme Jordan HCG Diet is a proven program which works ”

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