BOATIES at risk of diabetes HCG Diet can help!

BOATIES at risk of diabetes!


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Some people may call it ‘sugar disease’ – but the 200,000 New Zealanders living with diabetes already know the bitter realities.

The good news is that when it comes to type 2 diabetes – prevention is a big deal, especially if you’re at increased risk of developing diabetes.

Nineteen Kiwis are diagnosed with diabetes every day and latest data shows that the people most affected are of working age.

However, children and young adults are now getting type 2 diabetes, principally because they consume too much energy from high-calorie foods that they can’t burn off.

With around 60 percent of us overweight, a BOAT (Bit of a Tummy) may not worry us too much. However, the other ‘Bita’ of the problem should. A Bit of a Tummy often goes with a ‘Bit’ of diabetes. And, a ‘Bit’ of a heart attack or a ‘Bit’ of a stroke can ruin your life.

*If you have a BOAT and especially if you have a LOT (Lot of Tummy) check your diabetes risk factors at

Why not make today the day you change your ways! You can prevent you and your BOAT from being wrecked! I have had huge success with my Graeme Jordan HCG Diet helping people get back on track and live a healthy life again so what have you got to lose.

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