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Get started with Graeme Jordan HCG Diet. Learn how this fast weight loss product and HCG Diet helps you Lose Weight Fast And Safe here.

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When getting started with Graeme Jordan HCG Diet it’s always good to remember to start with a positive mental attitude. Being positive about your weight loss efforts is vital for you to succeed and get the results you want. Regardless of how fast this weight loss product can help you reach your goals, your positive mental attitude is important before, during and after your weight loss program in order to maintain weight control. Also another key is keeping in touch with us anytime as we are passionate about helping you get there too!

Take a photo of yourself before you start and record your current weight before you start taking our potent HCG Diet Drops. Also take a photo of yourself at the start of each week once you start and record your weight so you can see how much weight you have lost each week you are on the protocol. Also measure yourself and record these too

Go through the manual recipes and purchase some of the foods so you have them on hand in your fridge and pantry. Make sure you have a good electronic weighing scale to weigh yourself on.

You will need to weigh yourself first thing in the morning with no clothes on after using the toilet. Record your daily weight.

Also have kitchen scales which measures in 100grams (I purchased some from the Warehouse for $8.50 approx) so you can measure your daily allowance of protein. Make sure you get plenty of sleep while on the plan. Drink a lot of water daily – up to 3 litres as this will help flush out your system of the unwanted fat that is broken down. The more you can drink each day will help you lose weight. Do not use any products with fat and oil for example lanolin based lotions and oil based cosmetics. This is to avoid gaining weight by the absorption of these products through the skin by the body.

Do Not Cheat Yourself Out Of Weight Loss!

This can set you back several days of weight loss. You need to follow the exact eating plan which has been approved by DR Monica Lewis CHb to get the best weight loss resu

Motivation: You can lose up to 8 kilos of weight over a 20 day time, everyone’s weight loss will be different so is it worth it? Yes you will be amazed each morning as you weigh yourself and the kilos drop off. You will begin to feel more motivated to get active and you will have more energy.

To lose weight is a huge accomplishment especially for people who suffer from diabetes or obesity. You will be so proud of yourself if you are honest and give  Graeme Jordan HCG Diet 100% for 3 -4 weeks. You will be living proof that it works and love how great you feel!

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